Technical and artistic considerations…


I’ve been playing with and working through some ideas I had last time we visited the Crocker art museum here in Sac.  I’m just going to let this post be a bit of a brain-storming session to get some of these thoughts flowing…

Art and technology. Archaeology (my major).  Aesthetics, technology (how was the vase produced? how was the surface painting accomplished?  what glazes?)

Wayne Thiebaud, painting, thick pigment and simple, white backgrounds.  Thick white background paint surrounding the edges of the subject (figure, cake, etc), creating a “halo”, also pushing the background into the foreground, making it active.

Irving Norman, social surrealism, painting as social commentary, art for social change.  Not much recognized in his own time.  Z-boy loves staring at these – why?  Naked, huddled masses, somewhat gory, dystopian, lurid jewel-tones



Your thoughts?

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