Z is back, and a new GFCF challenge! (warning: mild to medium ranting ahead)


We picked Z up after he got back from NY/NJ last week, so he’s been with us since last Wednesday afternoon.

The ex-hub agreed in our last couple of therapy sessions that he’s good with doing (yet another, but more controlled, ish) GFCF challenge.  So we have Z for two full weeks to “start things off”, because the ex-hub has become accustomed to being the giver of all things cheesy and gluteny and oh so yummy and cheaply acquired at Grocery Outlet and he doesn’t want to be the “mean one” and have to restrict Z’s pizza consumption, or consumption of whatever at whoever’s house he’s managed to crib a dinner from.  Because  he is Soooooooooooo Poooooooooor , boooooo hoooooo.

Enough of that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – Yay to having Z!  well, most of the time…

Signed up for Supercharged Science trial ($1!!!!) and so far I really enjoy it, and more importantly, Z really enjoys it and hopefully has learned/reviewed a couple of things.

I finally got around to having Z organize his own electronics, which went pretty well yesterday.  Except he got really pissed off at the styrofoam he was trying to install in the bottom of his new caddy (for sticking resistors into) and threatened it with having “no cookies” unless it behaved. We also played with simple paper airplanes, and simple aerodynamics experiments (what happens if you turn the backs of the wings up?).

He has discovered new ways to drive me crazy.  This morning:  tossing not one, but two pairs of undies on top of the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  The first one was an “accident”, the second was his attempt to dislodge the first…

And now, back to the original topic:  is Z experiencing detox effects from coming clean from gluten and casein?  Well, probably.  He’s been pretty mood-swingy, gets frustrated easily (getting mad at Styrofoam), gets overly excited about everything, has been a major chatterbox (more than usual).  So, we’ll see what the future brings.



Your thoughts?

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