On letting go of things beyond my control


Like markers.  Boy does it bug the heck out of me to see a lovely crayola marker carousel missing markers!  It seems that if there’s one thing my son can do, it’s misplace a marker in .1 seconds flat.

And it BUGS me.  I mean when I was a kid, I’d stare lovingly at my new marker or crayon set, all the little colors of the rainbow and more, lined up, ready for me to pick up and use to explode color across a page.  It’s like looking at the promise of fun, creative moments when I’d get lost in the world of my imagination, coming to life on a piece of paper.

Z-boy, apparently, is fine with missing a few. He’s always seemed more comfortable with a more limited palette, which is just plain WEIRD to me.  I have tried my best to correct this by loading him up with as many markers and crayons in as many colors as will fit on the table. Or maybe I’m just trying to live vicariously through him.

This morning, I’m trying something new.  Letting go.  With 8 weeks of major commuting hell coming up, I think I need to really practice the letting go thing.

So, beautiful carousel of pipsqueak crayola markers, I must let you fly free!  Most of you will stay with us, but a few will end up exploring new places, like the underside of the couch, tip-loose and cap-free, and that will have to be ok.




Your thoughts?

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