Google Circles!!! Robert Llewellyn invited me in to his!!!!!!


I actually have no idea how the Google Circles thing really works, and so it probably means next to nothing that I got an email informing me that Robert Llewellyn, he of Kryten fame (Red Dwarf, British Sci-Fi comedy that was absolutely Brilliant!), had added me to his “Circles”. So I had a brief moment of utter “Squeeeeee!” and of course I added him to mine (I had previously only been “following” him). I have enjoyed reading his posts – I am finding him to be quite an engaging human being. So, yet again, I find my ability to do work for my Physical Anthro class derailed by social media… heh. Just like my students, falling under the Siren’s spell of FB and now Google jibber jabber…


Your thoughts?

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