Non-Ranty Post of Joy!


After some cathartic blog ranting, I now feel more able to write about some non-sucky things.

Like finding the audiobook AND print book  “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” by Lucy and Stephen Hawking at the libarary!  Hooray!!!!

Popped the first CD of the audiobook in for Z a few days ago, and he was entranced,  which is fantastic.  We started reading the second book, “George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt” a few weeks ago.  Why did we start the second book first?  An excellent question!  Because we had acquired the second book at one of the Border’s book sales, but they were completely out of the first one. At any rate, Z seems to love both of them, which makes my heart swell with pride for my budding scientist.  Plus, it’s the first chapter book we’ve picked up in a while, since our aborted attempt at “Wind in the Door”.  I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t that into “A Wind in the Door”, which we tried several months ago, but I guess it is a bit old for him at the moment (I didn’t really realize that – I have practically no memory of those books at all, which makes me very excited to read them again, as it will all seem fresh and new!).

While I do enjoy reading books to Z, there’s a limit to how much I can read to him at any given time.  But with an audiobook, he can keep listening until he’s ready to stop, which is a much longer period of time than his mom can read to him.


Your thoughts?

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