The Good, the Bad, and the Extremely Sucky…


Long week. L’s car was stolen. It was parked at a local hotel, where she was attending a big ol’ Union Shindig, and their overflow parking lot had severely inadequate lighting, no cameras, no security. None of which was readily apparent when she first parked, as it was daytime.

Car was later found abandoned. Still drives and all, but bunches of stuff was taken out, including a cheap-o stereo, L’s backpack (with student papers, both graded and in progress), and tons of library books. So, in other words, nothing with actual resale value.
Library books included mostly stuff that L was working on for class, but also included 7 or 8 kid’s books.
So far, the cost of the list of items with no value to anyone else but us is totaling close to $800, including replacement costs of those library books.
Fortunately, L’s union prez said he’d pay for it, then get the other unions in the area who attended the function to “shake down” the hotel. Because they effed up, they didn’t even have adequate lighting in the parking lot! Not even adequate!

Lameness all around, from hotel mismanagement to thieves who take kid’s library books.  Blech.


Your thoughts?

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