The Universe


is a pretty awesome place.  Really!  Don’t believe me?  Watch “Into the Universe” with Stephen Hawking!

Overproduced? A bit.  But in a really lovely way.  Pretty pictures.  And spaceships!  And Time Tunnels!

Not heavy on the explanation, but that’s ok, because it was great for Z-boy watching.  He loved it.

I think that this is a great example of what TV can do.  Be amazing, educational, and inspiring.  Books can take you only so far, direct observation can also only take you so far, but visualization of things we can’t directly observe due to scale (size or time), can help guide your imagination and knowledge into completely new places.

Most TV is, of course, crap.  Watching the Home and Garden Channel (at the cafe, because we do not own TV access devices other than DVDs and the computer), for example, is just, well, anti-inspirational.  Coma-inducing.  But watching artistic/scientific renderings of the evolution of the universe?  Holy mother of god, inspirational on the level of a religious experience.  And the best part?  Knowing that we are a part of that beauty.  Hawking does a wonderful job of making that clear, I think, in this series.   We truly are star stuff.

Also, Happy Birthday, Zombie Marie Curie!


Your thoughts?

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