Z-boy is off to NYC


Without me.  Because he’s visiting the ex’s relatives.

They live within walking distance of the Guggenheim and the Met, and across the park is the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium.  Last year, they did not go to any museums.  They went to one Broadway show (Mary Poppins).

I really hope that my ex gets his arse in gear and takes Z-boy to the planetarium.  We’ve watched “The Pluto Files”, “400 years of the Telescope” and assorted “Nova Science Now” shows, so he has a good idea who Neil deGrasse Tyson is, and knows that he runs the planetarium, so I think he’d enjoy going for the chance to run into a hero of his, but also – heck, it’s a planetarium!!!!!!!  I mean you get a screen that resembles the dome of the heavens, and you can watch stars and movies about stars on it and feel completely swept away!  Oh, how many happy memories do I have of planetariums?  (Ok, about 2 or 3, because we didn’t live anywhere near one, so we only got to go when we went to medical conferences with my dad, but still – they were my favorite things evah!)



Your thoughts?

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