Z-boy, Homework rebel?


Right now, I’m attempting to research (ok, well, google at least) techniques of homework subversion.

Z-boy does seem to enjoy his LeapPad.  I got it so that he could have some extra practice with phonics and simple math facts, to aid his fluency.  So far, he seems to be having fun, but I’m not sure how much it is improving his fluency in either subject.  But it has only been a couple of weeks, so… time will tell.  I’m treating the leappad as if it were a much cooler version of two of my favorite electronic toys when I was a kid:  good ol’ Texas Instruments Speak and Spell and Speak and Math.  Oh the memories!

I tell you, I really loved the greater than/less than problems. 


So homework issues and what to do about them:

ideas?  Ideas, idEas.

Ok, obvious place to start is with electricity.

batteries in series vs batteries in parallel.  Voltage.

Ohm’s law.

Get multimeter.  Make lemon batteries.  Explore the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance.

more baking.  Convert quantities.  Double or half recipes.

let him spend more time on supercharged science.  Get stuff to do experiments.

logic gates?

Work on electricity/rocket stories.

make him make lists of equipment needs.  Add prices.  Calculate change.

more time on specific sites on the web related to reading, like starfall, etc

Spelling City

Geometry -> numbers, explore modular arithmetic, scale up and down

Encourage persistence.

Encourage work, working through challenges.



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