Success in life = riches, which flow from correct answers


According to my son, success in life depends on correct answers.  When you get the right answers on all your work, you get to go to college.  In college, if you get all the right answers, you can get lots of money.

I had no freakin idea what to do with this, except say “uhh, noooooo, that’s not how life works, see, I did all the right things, and here I am with no money”.

Which isn’t really the answer I wanted to give, but he quickly moved into another topic, or dinner had to be accomplished, or something.

My goal today is to figure out exactly where he had heard that life is all about right answers.  School?  Teachers?  Dad?  Grandma?  Me?  L?  some kid in the class?  Was it a multiple choice question on his standardized test of crapola? Some combination of all of these things?

And then deconstruct this bastard to hell,  help him shake that devil off his back.





Your thoughts?

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