First Official Day of Summer Home School!


Was pretty chill!!!

So I didn’t go full-on task-master-y homeschool mommy with him on Friday, because we really do need to decompress a bit.  But I did have him do some copywork while listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on audiobook (he loves HP so much, but since he isn’t yet ready for reading books of that size, I borrowed the Audiobook versions from the library for him to listen to, and he loves them!  Jim Dale can tell the story more compellingly than I can, and he never gets tired, so Z gets to happily listen to books for hours!).  We also read “Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone” (which features Euler’s Law regarding the relationship in polyhedra of faces, points, and edges, such that F+V-E = 2, which is cool!)

Here’s some really pretty polyhedra!  from

He also did some writing to make signage for his play restaurant, which is a favorite game of his. I printed out a D’Nealian style traceable menu for him, which he traced without complaining once.

mamaraby, in the comments to another post, suggested that he might be “drawing” the letters more than “writing” – following the shapes, but not connecting it to the phonemes they’re supposed to represent.  This is true to some extent.  What I think is happening is he was making the connections in preschool, and K and 1, but they were not quite fully formed by 2nd.  And then 2nd grade was very different from his previous schooling experiences.  He was expected to have mastered handwriting, apparently, which is a pretty unreasonable assumption, if you ask me.    To illustrate his teacher’s issues about handwriting, here’s an anecdote:  Z has a good friend in the class, K, who’s mom, S (who is one of the most amazing and wonderful people I know), who attended an IEP for K at the beginning of the year in which their teacher, Ms W, called K’s handwriting “atrocious”.  Fortunately, she was told by another teacher in the meeting that she probably should not use the word “atrocious” to refer his handwriting.  So, you know, there’s a definite “WTF was she thinking???” there that gives me pause regarding her ability and willingness to teach kids who are a bit different.

I don’t really wish to spill more virtual ink (in this post, anyway) about the past year.  For the moment, let’s just say that it was frustrating and disappointing in many ways, and leave it at that.

Right now, I want to organize my thoughts and outline plans for homeschooling.

What do I want Z to learn this summer?

  • Confidence in himself
  • New physical skills, maybe dance and/or swimming
  • Fluent print handwriting, and start some cursive
  • how to tell time on an analog clock
  • how to become more self-reliant (which is, of course, related to confidence)
  • to have confidence in his decoding skills when reading





Your thoughts?

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