Fractional freakout


Z has some trouble with reading analog clock times.  I decided that maybe it would make more sense if he could see the clock face like a pie divided into 12ths, and then play around with dividing it up into halves, quarters, thirds, and sixths.  I made a worksheet with 4 clock faces and indicated that he should divide each into 1/2, 1/4, and so forth.  Simple, right?  Yes, until he got to thirds, and was trying to do it by eyeballing it, not succeeding, and then freaking out.  Sheesh. Drama continued until he finished the 4th and final clock, when he decided that dividing 1/3ds into 1/6ths, then into 1/12’s was fun, and the heinous worksheet of doom was over!

lawdy lawdy.  What to do now?

I have recently begun reading “Homeschooling and the Voyage of Discovery” by David Alpert.  Yeah, good to remind myself not to interfere with Z’s learning.  But how to help, guide, etc, and not turn him off, is the question.  He’s so tetchy anymore.  Thanks, second grade PS experience!

I plan to read bits of “Homeschooling and the Voyage of Discovery” to Z as a way to help boost his confidence, and show him that there’s a wide range of learning styles and experiences that are all perfectly normal, and perfectly good.

On a happy note, he made up a new song, to the tune of “hot tamale, hot hot tamale”:  “octahedron, oct- octachendron” – math songs rule!


Your thoughts?

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