Healing with paint!


Feeling better now. Man, living in Sac gets me down, some days more than others. But I watched some Buffy, and had a wee nap and some ice cream (cherry chocolate – I’ll pretty much do anything for cherry ice cream. And chocolate is a natural antidepressant. I believe, therefore it is.)
And more importantly, I got started on that postcard project I mentioned below. In fact, I’m totally done with the first part, now it has to dry so I can apply the writing and glitters. Yes, plural glitters.
And happily, when I was getting out my art supply box, I found a giant stash of postcards I had collected from Davis and the Indian Museum in Sac, and the Crocker Art museum! Score!!!
So I sent one to my mom. This is, I think, the first time I’ve mailed her something since… uh, not sure. I may have gotten a mother’s day card out, I’m not sure. At any rate, it is clear that I am a BAD DAUGHTER. Ok, I do call, but I don’t write so much anymore. Until now. Because I’m sick of being depressed and having the general activity levels of your average floor crunchy. You know, floor crunchy – those mysterious objects that may have once been chips or perhaps cat kibble that end up under your desk, and make scary sounds when you vacuum them up.
So I painted with real grownup watercolors on grownup watercolor paper and everything! As stage one of this handmade postcard thingy I’m making! WOO! And, may I add, a big whopping HOO to boot!

And I decided to go back to that old, sad post office and purchase MOAR STAMPS! Because this is my tiny way of shaking my tiny fists at the huge borkness that is Sac and screaming in my tiny voice that I will NOT BE BROUGHT LOW BY YOU, with your horrible traffic and terrible weather and disgusting diesel fume laden air, SACRAMENTO!

That’s right, Jareth-amento, I deny you!


Image credit:  http://labyrinthfilm.com/labyrinth_soundtrack/

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