Celsius – for Amurickinz


I like the metric system.  Sure, I’ve had more exposure than most due to being A Scientist ™, and, of course, the whole unit conversion thing is wonderfully simple with a system based on Base Ten.  But in terms of temperature, Celsius makes less intuitive sense than Fahrenheit does.  After all, the Fahrenheit scale was based on the max and min temperatures of an actual place on earth, whereas Celsius is based on the freezing and boiling points of water.  This is useful in the lab, to be sure, but for outside temps on planet Earth?  not so much.

But it is a scale worth knowing, as it is the scale that is used by everyone who is not of the USA.

For me, it is a complete painintheass to convert from degrees F to C in my head.  So I think I’ll work on memorizing key points of reference on the scale.

Here goes:  Today, it is supposed to be 105 gawddawful degrees F here.  In Celsius, that’s approximately 40.6 degrees.

Additionally, tonight it won’t cool off much, and temps may only get down into the low 70’s F.  That’s about 21 degrees C.

Room temperature is about 72 degrees F.  That’s 22.2 degrees C.

To save energy, the air conditioner should be set at about 78 degrees F.  That’s 25.6 degrees C.

Normal, non-sick humans have a body temperature of about 98.6 degrees F.  That’s exactly 37 degrees C.

In my hometown of Lewisburg, WV, which is where I’d rather be, the high for today is predicted to be 78 degrees F.  Again, that’s 25.6 degrees C.

It doesn’t get very cold here in the winter.  Lows are usually around 40 degrees F.  That’s 4.4 degrees C.

In Lewisburg, WV, typical winter temperatures can go below 0 degrees F.  That’s -17.8 degrees C.

This game is fun AND useful!



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