Will I make it out of the house today?


I need to be a grownup and go to the bank.  This requires asking for a ride (which I did, last Thursday…sigh) or taking the horrible light rail train.  Well, at least if I take the train I can shop for a magnet that I’m direct swapping with someone in Romania through Postcrossing.  But gawwwwd, the weather – it is supposed to get up to 107 today.  That’s 41.7 degrees C.  Which, interestingly, is the same temperature as the highest low ever recorded on the Earth, a record made just a few weeks ago:

“On Thursday morning, July 12, 2012 the low temperature at Death Valley, California dropped to just 107°F (41.7°C), after hitting a high of 128° (53.3°C) the previous day. Not only does the morning low temperature tie a record for the world’s warmest low temperature ever recorded, the average temperature of 117.5°F is the world’s warmest 24-hour temperature on record.”





Your thoughts?

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