Zener report


We’ve had a busy fall/winter, but it’s been lovely!  Z got in to the city’s annual Children’s Nutcracker and is playing an Arabian (coffee).  He absolutely loves it.  I peeked in through the window after I dropped him off, and the teacher for their group (a volunteer from high school) was gathering the group to sit down while she made her announcements.  He ran right over and sat himself down right next to her – totally engaged, totally involved in the group, totally ready to listen.  This makes me so happy!  When he’s into something, the attention is right there, the focus is right there, the discipline is right there.  It’s so wonderful to see.  He’s sad that it will all be over by this time next week, so we’re looking around for theater/dance projects/classes he can be involved in.

note: not Zener. Houston’s Nutcracker production

pic credit:  http://thepeoplescritic.com/2011/11/30/houston-ballets-joyful-nutcracker-exceeds-expectations/

I’ve been wanting to get him in this production of the Nutcracker for years.  He had gotten a spot in the lottery (250 kids in the production every year, and they have to have a lottery for the spaces, it’s so popular!) when he was in 1st or 2nd grade, but because it was a local city production, it was only open to Davis residents, so I had to have all the info sent to his dad’s address (since I was living in Sac-hell-mento).  Well, his dad didn’t open his mail (I had informed him that he would be getting info for the Nutcracker, so it’s not like he didn’t know to look for it), so we missed the deadline to confirm his place.

But this year, I made it happen!  Easier, now that I’m a Davis resident and don’t have to go through the ex-hub’s mailing address!

But he bitched to me about the registration fee and ticket prices.  sigh.

He also gave me such a look when I told him that this week Z’s rehearsal’s a longer and later.  Because, you know, it’s such a burden to be responsible for getting Z somewhere on time.  sigh.



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