Hi there, blog!  I’ve meant to update you about 1000 times, but it always somehow got pushed out of the way.  Then the Doctor Who cast and crew were kind and generous towards a little girl with autism, and I realized I need to get back to writing here.

It’s been a crazy year!  It’s been a year since my partner made a massive mess of life and I moved out.  I had a post about it, but I took it down because I want this blog to focus on my sweet Zener boy.

And focus I shall.

His new teacher is very good for him.  She finally got a student study team together, and now we have a proper IEP at last, and he’s doing so much better at school with it.  He’s so much happier and confident in himself and it’s wonderful to see him grow.

Not that there haven’t been bumps in the path.  He so wants to engage with the kids in his class, but his need for sensory stimulus is so acute that he kind of terrorizes them.  With hugs.  Really.  He chases the other kids around and tries to hug or wrestle with them and tends to ignore their body language and words that are all telling him “NO!”  I’ve found that giving him a huge bear hug after school helps with that, but I think he really needs that kind of deep pressure throughout the day.  I’m going to look into OT options for some kind of compression vests, but as I’m skint, that will take some time.

He still hates writing, but he’s been hating it marginally less in the past couple of months, which is good.  He’s working on a school project that requires him to write a diary of a neophyte at a California mission, and he is actually enjoying that project.  I suggested that he write about the day Cristobal (his neophyte’s name) heard a strange whooshing noise and saw a blue box appear out of nowhere, and a man got out and saved Chumash culture, but he was probably right in rejecting that idea on the grounds that his teacher probably wouldn’t go for it.

And that makes me a bit sad.  If I had inserted a Doctor Who story line in a school history report as a kid, I probably could have gotten away with it because I was good student in general.  But Z feels like he needs to toe the line.  At least for the moment, anyway.  I hope that he feels like he’s building a foundation on which his creativity can flourish.

Of course, it’s probably even more likely that he rejected my idea because I’m his mom 😉

_60043287_tardis_gowerpic credit:  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-17959490


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