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Z is for Zener is a blog primarily about parenting, but I’m more than just a parent.  I’ve had another blog for about as long, neglected and sitting in a server somewhere collecting dust.  (what does internet dust look like, I wonder?)  Well, it unexpectedly got some attention yesterday, and it seems like the perfect time to revive it.  So here’s my revival post from over there, reblogged here for those of you who might find it interesting.

Salix's Shiny Things


pic credit:  http://www.fakebuddhaquotes.com/you-yourself-must-strive-the-buddhas-only-point-the-way/

Hello again, world!  I’ve been inspired to blog more in the last few weeks over at zisforzener and then, out of the blue, this blog got some attention.  I’d been ignoring this one because it’s a bit more painful.  It was a useful way at the time to write about things to help me get through the emotional and mental abuse I was experiencing with my partner, but it also reminded me too much of that dark time in my life.  But it has been a year exactly since I left her, and I have been wanting to write more about my journey towards self acceptance and lovingkindness, and this is the perfect way to do so.  I want zisforzener  to remain primarily about parenting, of course, and so this blog will be my everything-else blog, my “magpie” blog.  Expect ramblings about buddhism, mindfulness, recovery from…

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