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Pipevine swallowtails


We saw dozens of these butterflies in the arboretum last week.  They were all over the lavender blossoms, and whatever these red flowers are. 


Apparently, they are like monarchs in that they require a specific kind of plant to lay their eggs on, and which is the only food source for their caterpillars.  In this case, it’s pipevine (big surprise there, I know!)  But what is pipevine?  I had no idea, so I looked it up:


pic credit:  http://www.maggiesgarden.com/Plant_Profiles/Plant_This/Pipevine/pipevine.html

Pipevine, also known as Dutchman’s Pipe, helps the caterpillars out by making them unpalatable to predators, like milkweed does to monarchs.  Plus, what an awesome looking plant!  I will definitely be growing these when we can.