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Z-Boy ed, 2nd Grade, first 2 weeks


Z-Boy has started public school. It’s been 2 weeks. It has been going surprisingly well… his teacher, Ms W, is older and very, very experienced. She apparently taught at a Montessori school in Berkeley before settling in the great big flatland. She has a ranch in Dixon, and when the school year is over, she invites all of her students and their families to camp on her land and enjoy her horses and chickens and such. L and I have met her and we both agree that she seems both sharp and efficient yet caring and compassionate. She has that economy of action and diction that comes with experience, and Z-boy responds very well to her. In this way, I think, she is very much like Miss M, his first preschool teacher.
When we came to pick him up last Thursday, very few parents were there, and the kids seemed to be late in getting out. When the door opened and Ms W came out, she explained to us that on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons she offers the students a 1/2 hour of “Homework Club” time after regular dismissal, where students can complete homework assignments with other students, or by themselves, and are welcome to ask for help with any problems they are having. We peeked in and saw Z-boy and M.G., a girl who’s been in his class since K, working very diligently, side by side, on some math problems. I was floored – when I try to help him with “homework” worksheets, he usually does his “I’m too tired!!!!” routine, and flops and whines on the floor. But there he was, actually engaged in his work and in his collaboration with Marina! Then after they finished Homework Club, they negotiated a play date for the next afternoon!!! Oh Joy and Rapture Unforeseen!!!!!!!! S, M.G.’s mom, had seen her daughter really start to take Z-boy “under her wing”, for which I am very grateful, since I really like S and M.G. is such a studious and creative girl.
So maybe the whole homeschool thing won’t happen for a while. Maybe not at all this year. As long as Z-boy is enjoying life in school and out of it, I’m not going to try to fix was isn’t broke.