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Off-Topic… Twilight


We finally satisfied our curiosity about the whole Twilight thing last night by watching the movie. I was surprised… at how utterly boring it was. L had expected more bad dialog, I had expected more interesting conflicts. But no. I had expected Bella to be more awkward, more of a loner, more conflicted about her role in society, but instead she was just a somewhat awkward, somewhat shy girl with a passel of nice, if not very exciting, friends, and nice, decent, normal parents. Edward’s family seems equally nice and decent. And the baddie, James, is, uh, an evil tracking genius, sadistic and all that… completely one dimensional, of course… and therefore boring. So, what’s the central conflict here? I’m not feeling it.

Verdict: not even funny bad, just boring bad. Twilight mania still a complete mystery.