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hello, depression…


I woke up this morning in a fairly good mood, in spite of getting almost no sleep due to mosquito incursions. On my agenda: walk out to the post office and visit some stores I’ve never been to! I started my walk in a happy mood, thinking about some cool ideas for handmade postcards, and making a mental list of materials I thought I’d be able to acquire at the new stores to make these cards. So I get to the store, an older independent pharmacy, and it’s a little… empty. And small. They had some stationery, but no sets of postcards or even letter sets that I wanted. I ended up buying a couple of things out of pity for the store, since it’s struggling to make it after a newer Rite Aid opened right across the street.
So that was a bit sad.
Then I went down the block to the post office. I was excited to purchase some new pretty stamps, and perhaps a bunch of $1.05 stamps for Postcrossing postcards. Well, the postal worker was a bit rude to me, terse and a bit aggravated that she had to go get pretty stamps for me. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised at that kind of behavior from a postal worker, but still. Blech.
So I toodled around a little in the area to see if I could score some crafty materials, but aside from the Rite Aid, there was nothing. Plus it was getting hot. And the sun was beating down from a cloudless sky.
And there was a lot of traffic. And my mood just keeps going down, down, down…
Then I walk down to Trader Joe’s so I could at least get my favorite ice cream to drown my newly acquired depression. And of course the parking lot was borked, as per usual, because they apparent had monkeys design the parking lot.
Aggravation rising, and I’m just walking, not driving…
Walked home. Now I’m just thoroughly disgusted with life. Ok, not so much with life itself, but with this life, in Sac.
Sac Sux.
It really really does.
Aside from a few really great independent stores, this place is borked.
I hate the freeways, I hate the cars, I hate the roads, I hate the strip malls, I hate the weather.
I hate the constant wash of diesel fumes in my nose. I hate the constant scream of traffic.
Is it any wonder I spend so much of my free time watching Star Trek and Buffy, just trying to drown out the reality I have to navigate on a daily basis?

Image credits:  Freeway (http://www.zwahlenimages.com/gallery/sac_expo/)  and Buffy (http://boomstickcomics.com/2011/03/geek-deal-of-the-day-tells-you-once-more-with-feeling/)

I live a few hundreds of feet from this location. Buffy will rescue me from the evil Freeway Demon!!!