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Unique is what he is.


We went to a birthday party today which included a performance by a magician.  Z was able to sit and enjoy it with the rest of the kids for about 15 minutes before he started laying on the floor, and then he came over to me and started climbing on me, then he took to trying to take a “nap” on the couch.

This is the same kid who willingly sits through 2 hour symphony orchestra performances.  With almost no fidgeting.

He is a unique kid, that’s for sure.

I’m never entirely confident I can predict his reactions in any given situation.  What’s going to engage him, what’s going to overwhelm him and make him clingy and needing to “nap” in a crowd of people.  Is it mainly a noise issue?  He’s always been overly sensitive to sound.  Maybe all the random noise of a crowd of kids in a small space just makes him need to check out.  And the orchestral music is loud, but not random, so he can be engaged with it instead of overwhelmed by it.

At least that’s my theory for the moment.