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Mindfulness and Parenting


I’ve been reading and studying mindful meditation techniques and Buddhist philosophy as a way to treat my depression and anxiety and it’s wonderful stuff.  Also cheap as anything – our library has tons of books on the subject, and as I am currently unemployed and therefore skint, zero dollars is the exact amount of money I can afford.

I’ve been passing along some of the wisdom to Zener.  One of the ideas that I thought would be most useful for him is the distinction between your thoughts and your core self:  in other words, “your thoughts are not you”. We all have all kinds of thoughts throughout the day, but they’re just ephemeral things, “waves passing over the ocean of your mind” is the commonly used metaphor.  As such, you don’t have to act on them, you don’t have to dwell on them, you don’t have to take them too seriously.  They will pass, just as everything does eventually.  We discussed it one night when he was having his usual hard time with homework.

The next day he was playing Minecraft, building a ship in a snowy biome, and he starts singing a little song to himself.  I catch the words:  “You may think that your thoughts are true, but really they’re just snow”.  Now how beautifully insightful is that?  Snow can be beautiful, it can be heavy, it can cause problems, but it melts away on a warm, sunny day.

Lyrics – You may think that your thoughts are true

But they’re just snow



you may think that your thoughts are true

but they’re just snooooooooow

with dog pee in it….

(he is, after all, a 9 year old boy 😉 )